Townsend Lumber Inc
Responsibly managing, harvesting, and sawing timber in southwestern Ontario since 1959
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Industrial Division
Domestic hardwood species, poplar, aspen, cottonwood, and softwood

Mackenzie 'MAC' Troyer - O.C.T., B.Ed., B.Sc., O.M.D.P. (Industrial Sales Manager)
Phone:  519-842-6015
Fax:  519-842-4423

Industrial Products
Services / Capabilities
  • Two modern band sawmills (PHL, FORANO)
  • One pre-cut scrag mill (HELLE)
  • Gang-sawn precut components (BREWER)
  • Package saw P.E.T. (HOLTEC)
  • Multi-trim saw
  • Double notcher
  • Drilling machines and assembly
  • Contour sawing
  • Angling / beveling / grooving
  • Timbers up to 32ft long
Heat Treatment
  • Government-Certified Heat Treatment Facility CFIA#CA-00470
  • Grading Agency Mill #CLA-067
  • We have the capability to heat treat a variety of precut lumber, export timbers and finished packaging.
  • Our two certified heat treatment chambers have length capability of up to 37ft.
  • All certification papers and information accompany our fully compliant quality products.
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