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Responsibly managing, harvesting, and sawing timber in southwestern Ontario since 1959
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Landscape Material
Monday to Thursday 8am - 4:00pm and Friday 8am - 3:00pm

Picture of Sales Office Landscape Material Sales Office
Address:  1250-1265 Jackson Sideroad, RR#2 Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada, N4G4G7
Phone:  519-842-8234

Landscaping Mulch

  Natural - $25/yd3

  Black - $45/yd3

  Red - $45/yd3

  Brown - $45/yd3

Sawdust, Shavings, and Woodchips

  Shavings - $10/yd3

  Woodchips - $20/yd3

  Sawdust - $10/yd3

Mulch Facts
  • Permanent beds only need to be refreshed/top dressed occasionally.
  • Generally a 3-6" layer of mulch is sufficient for gardens.
  • Reducing mulch depth around plant stems reduces the chance of heat damage.
  • Reduces evaporation of moisture, helping to conserve water.
  • Reduces splashing from rain or irrigation water, reduces the spread of disease.
  • Blocks the germination of many weed seeds.
Services / Capabilities
  • Our loaders are able to drop-load mulch directly into transport and dump trucks, short-box and full-box pickup trucks, and trailers
  • For small quantities of mulch bring a shovel to fill your own bags or containers
  • Delivery available for full tractor-trailer loads
  • Mulch is priced and sold by the cubic yard
  • 4" deep = approx. 81 square feet per cubic yard
  • 3" deep = approx. 108 square feet per cubic yard
  • 2" deep = approx. 162 square feet per cubic yard
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